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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Erratic blood pressure and carditone

My friend who had erratic blood pressure.  Well he finally ordered Carditone.  I checked with him and it brought his blood pressure down to 130/60.  He says he was surprised to see numbers like that.  He is continuing some of his blood pressure medicine because he was on two pills a day.  But he will be weaning himself off and using Carditone.  He  is happy it works.  He has experience the general tiredness that comes when your blood pressure drops but he feels it will go away and be better in the long run.

What causes erratic blood pressure?

Chronic pain, chronic kidney disease, heart problems, stress can all be causes in erratic blood pressure.

Erratic blood pressure is when blood pressure fluctuates consistently.  It is however normal for blood pressure to keep changing one minute to the next.  A doctor can determine what seems to be erratic.

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